Re: NTLK Who said one cannot remove system upgrades?

From: Jon Glass (
Date: Sat Nov 27 1999 - 02:05:11 EST

> > usually, it is well known that one cannot remove the system upgrade with a
>> brain wipe. A software is needed....
>Paul, I think you're mixed up there, whenever you do a brain wipe you should
>lose your system upgrade, so why that didn't happen to you in the past beats
>me, maybe the root of your problems?

Actually, when I've done brain wipes on my 130, the update has
stayed. The only time I've lost my system update is when the Newton's
batteries died while I was doing something, and I had to reset the
Newton after I had put in new batteries. This has happened twice to
me. Brain wipes, however, haven't removed the system update.

-Jon Glass
Krakow, Poland
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