NTLK Pasting pictures into Newton Press.

From: RobertRuff@aol.com
Date: Sun Nov 28 1999 - 23:23:14 EST

 Hi All,
    I've tried to paste Mac Tiff formatted pictures of a street level map
downloaded from Map Quest into Newton press for consulting while on the road.
  This map is a collage of many maps pasted together in PhotoFlash, ideally
l would like to use one page for this street level map of Sarasota Fl and use
the scroll diamond to view it but only a small area of the map can be viewed
intact. The remaining area is displayed as a random pattern.
   I have been able to cut the map into four pages and scroll around each of
those pages with no degradation of the image but it is a confusing to have to
switch pages to see areas adjacent to the edge of one page.
   Also I'd like to have links in a map so that could have a book of say
major cities and highways in the state and taping on a city could link to a
page with a more detailed scale.
   I'm using:
   An MP2000 upgraded with sys 2.1 and a Flash Ram card
   A PowerMac 8100/110
   Newton Press 1.1
   PhotoFlash Quicktake Software 2.0.1

Thanks in advance

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