NTLK MP3's and WinCE

From: manderson@shipley.com
Date: Mon Nov 29 1999 - 07:02:57 EST

Two things - why MP3 on a PDA and why MP3 on Newton...

MP3 on Newton? 'Because everyone else is doing it', the Newt is so powerful,
the question isn't why, it's why not? If someone has the space, and wants

Personally, I also have a Jornada 430, which is a 16MB unit with Hum MP3 player
in ROM. It also has a decent HP-style calculator, a nice screen, etc. WinCE is
still massively bloated, and the PIM is weak. But, I have a couple of 96MB CF
cards, I can put some pictures, MP3's and so on, and carry them with me. Of
course, my Psion5mx is my workhorse, and I always love my MP2k...

Also interesting - remember how Mac people always get beaten up about dynamic
memory allocation versus manual 'Get Info' adjustments? On WinCE, there is a
'memory slider' that sets the storage vs. program memory amounts. You can have
almost nothing in program space, and load up storage and WinCE will typically
crash in an ugly way... Also of note, these new 32MB units (like the Casio E105
and HP J680) have _fixed_ allocation space of 16MB for data and 16MB for program
memory. The reason? WinCE can only address 16MB of each!!! This makes it
absolutely necessary to have a CF card for anything like pictures or MP3 or

430se (i.e. Palm-sized), not the Jornada 680 (keyboard). The reason is simple -
sound. The 430 has about the best sound I've ever heard from a PDA (some argue
the Casio E10x is better), whereas listening to system sounds on the J680 will
make you think that the speaker is broken. The 680's poor quality sound (and no
output) is well known.


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