Re: NTLK MP3s on the Newton - Why?

From: Michael Alan Jones (
Date: Mon Nov 29 1999 - 13:10:02 EST

> With this said...I shall conclude with this: Different people have
> different needs don't diss someone's idea JUST because you don't
> see a need
Do you think I was personally attacking your ideas? I know you are in high school and have a lot of excitement. I have followed your streams in comp.sys.newton.misc and NewtonTalk, and I know that you feel strongly about the Newton. So do I. And don't "dis" me either, by telling me what to do.

Be logical, and understand this. I am a developer, and I get paid a lot of money to do what I do. When I say developer, I am talking about someone who does this stuff for a living, not just some hobbyist LAN guy or accountant hacking out some crap in Visual Basic that parses some data from a file or loads up a spreadsheet. And I am not some dinosaur COBOL hacker, nibbling my fingernails at the thought of the approaching millineum.

There are millions of wannabe "developers" out there. Most of the crappy shareware that loads up CD-Roms and is piled up on the internet, that installs and uninstalls critical DLL's in its setup, making computers fail, and wasting time, all the worthless screen-savers and versions of solitaire and blackjack, were written by hobbist developers attempting to learn and gain credibility in the workplace. That's fine. Maybe you can convince one of those hobbyists to write such a program. If they have the knowledge, that's great, but I doubt it.

Writing Newton programs is slightly different than writing a hobbyist app in Visual Basic. NewtonScript is tedious and as difficult as C. There aren't many Newton programmers because of the learning curve. And it is not likely that there will be any more either, since the Newton was discontinued.

A real developer is not going to invest a lot of time writing this MP3 app unless he can make some money on it. And what is wrong with that? Do you know how many people come to me with a "... cool idea, that is going to make us all rich"? So you are going to say that you will register this MP3 program. Even if you do send in $20 or $30, that is less than real developers make in an hour. Big whoop!

I can work in the evenings for a friend of mine for $50 an hour. He calls me every week or so, begging me to do some contract work. I don't do it, because I want to spend time with my family and dog. Why should I spend even a weekend writing such an app for the occasional twenty bucks?

Besides, you completely missed the point. I like MP3's, and have a lot of them too. I listen to Wierd Al Yankovich MP3's. But the fact is that MP3's work better on a RIO or just on a regular computer. They are ridiculous on a Newton, Pilot, Jornada or E-100, because they don't have enough storage for MP3's, and besides all that, they don't have adequate speakers.

> What if someone out there has a Newton and is in the recording business
> -- MP3 samples of new artists would be quite handy to them - or are
> they not important enough to get that?

What logic are you applying here? "Important"? Are you trying to strike a chord here? What is important to the recording industry is money. Do those "recording business" people give away their music? No. Well, actually, they do, since MP3 is the perfect piracy format of the decade. They are losing millions of dollars due to the MP3 format. Tell me, and be honest, since you can use Napster or Shoutcast to listen to your favorite songs, have you purchased any CD's? Why would you? You can download virtually any song for free with Napster. You would be stupid to pay for something that was freely available on the internet. Or just honest.

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