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From: Gary Moody (
Date: Mon Nov 29 1999 - 18:58:14 EST


Actually, the way I used the word is both self-explanatory, and is the
technical and layman's idiom for superfluous material.

The etymology of the word "crap", meaning excrement or superfluous material,
is from the Old French, via Middle English, "crappe", which stood for the
grain that was trodden underfoot in a barn. The word originally derives from
the Latin "crappa". The association with excrement was fortified with the
water closet improvements invented by Thomas Crapper. He was an Englishman,
1837-1910, who invented the ball and suction device (British Patent # 4,990)
found in modern toilets that allows an efficient flush with an minimum of
water and also shuts off the flow to the tank once refilled. Toilets
equipped with these devices were known as "Crappers", hence the derivative
"I gotta take a crap" expletive.

In this particular instances, I was not referring to the excrement part, but
the superfluous material part of the meaning. You pry the superfluous
material ("crap"; i.e., dust, sand,...Frito particles, etc.) out of the
crack between the Newton's screen and screen frame to resolve the problem of
the "squiggles" (etymological examination as necessary).

I hope this is now clear!






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From: Sunder <>
Subject: Re: NTLK HWR Weirdness
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 1999 17:22:59 -0500

Leland Jory wrote:
> > The strange "sqiggles" that happen with ink text rather randomly and
> pen
> > alignment issue is due to, pardon the expression, "crap" stuck between
> > screen and the screen frame...
> Is "crap" a technical term? If so, what would a layperson call it? :{)>

Uh, it would be called Bill Gates? :)

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