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>Folks, many references but missed the definitive
>answer on how to sync/export to Claris/Palm format on
>OS9. I just bought iBook so do not have previous
>versions of the MacLinkPlus translators which I
>understand solve the issue that currently
>syncing/exporting does *nothing*...
I'm sorry, I don't understand the OS-9 reference. NCU works on OS-9
without any problems. As far as syncing to the Palm Organizer there are
some caveats. A number of folks on the list have chimed in on this
recently and here's what one said:

Newton & Claris Organizer

Here's the best info I've found on synching. My recommendations are to
only synch Names. Synching anything else, especially if there are
repeating items contained therein, will only cause you GREAT HEARTACHE -
trust me on this!


John Brooks <johnbrks@stanford.edu> writes:

Here are some nuggets I gleaned through the frustrating process of trying
to set up syncing with a Claris Organizer 2.0 file:

1. Do not sync with an existing file.

2. Do not create a new file by exporting an Organizer file from your Newt.

Now, here's what to do:

1. Create a new file w/organizer and save it. It will be empty. Quit

2. Increase the memory allotment for NCU (with the Get Info window) to as
much as you can allow; around 18MB should do.

3. Go into the NCU folder and then open the Intellilink folder. Increase
the memory for the application called COrgAE2 to about 4MB.

4. If there is a file in there called XLATE.LOG, throw it away.

5. Launch NCU and connect with your Newton. Go to Synchronization
settings and select the Organizer file for your dates. On the first sync,
do dates and names one at a time. in the future you can sync them

6. Under advanced options, set it to "Newton wins"

7. Begin your synchronization.

A couple of other tips from John:

If you continue to get error (-1), try throwing out the XLATE. LOG file.
You can only sync your newt with one file, for example your calendar at
work. It gets confused if you try to sync with two different calendar
files. A good work around here is to just export your dates for one of
the files.

Mark Ross

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