RE: NTLK Newt Sync Rant / Suggestio.

From: Michael Neville (
Date: Tue Nov 30 1999 - 21:48:35 EST

>If you two plan on doing ANY export/importing, I would just purchase it. I
>know it's hard to go on just my recommendation, but most everyone here uses
>it and LOVES it. It's not only a better solution to NCU, but the BEST one
>I've seen. Just ask around; ICS/Dan Rowley have the best solutions for the
>Newton platform.
>-Michael Neville
>P.S. Newtcase and especially the Package Manager, is a MUST HAVE

Like I said, it's on my list. I just spent $50 w/HexDump
and another (!),$100 w/StandAlone. I've got Newtcase! ;-]

Thanks much for your insight though... it's just been
bumped to the top of my list!

John M. Powell

I know how it goes; believe me. I would love to give EVERY developer a chunk
of my money to keep the platform going. There are some things I consider
"first thing/ must have"; like Dashboard. And I know StandAlone will be
getting, as they should, an order of support.


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