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From: Gruendel, Frank 3837 PPE-WT (Frank.Gruendel@de.heidelberg.com)
Date: Wed Dec 01 1999 - 03:58:49 EST

>> It is, unfortunately, not a
>> mobile device, i. e. it is powered by an ac outlet.

>Hey, ma friend, you might get a DC/AC converter from Conrad for about
>250DEM or rub-out the internal power supply and add a 12V in to it.

Yes, I could, but that wouldn't make it smaller. It's about the size of
a VCR or the average "desktop" CD player you have in your living room.
Way too large! Cars are smaller in Germany...
Moreover, as yet I've never felt the need to watch DVD movies while driving
to work.
If only someone invented a gadget that plays MP3's stored on MiniDisks...
Would kick all these Rio's etc. off the surface of the earth immediately.
I really wonder why no one has done that yet.

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