Re: NTLK Oh @#$% I broke it

From: Gary Moody (
Date: Wed Dec 01 1999 - 20:15:18 EST

Hi Jason,

Okay, don't panic.

First, try to find your copy of the extended warranty. Once secured call
Apple (1-800-SOS-APPLE). They will arrange to send you a box to pack your
Newton in and ship it to them.

If you cannot find the warranty, call them and ask how to validate that you
indeed have the warranty on the Newton. It should be tied to the serial
number of the Newton.

If they don't have record of it, then you will have to pony up the $189.00
USD to have it fixed. Make sure and tell them EVERYTHING that is wrong with
your Newton that you want to be fixed; the $189.00 flat rate covers
EVERYTHING! Include the same printed list of things in the box when you
ship it to prevent misunderstandings.

I'm having to do the same thing with my new, non-working %!$@# eMate AND
shelling out $189.00.

Good Luck!



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From: Jason Ainslie <>
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Subject: NTLK Oh @#$% I broke it
Date: Wed, 1 Dec 1999 18:01:46 -0600

I just cracked the screen on my newton. I think I have the apple
extended care warranty on it but I am not sure where it is or if it
even covers it. Can someone tell me what my options are here? Is
there anyone out there that can fix it?

Jason Ainslie

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