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From: Bill Davis (
Date: Thu Dec 02 1999 - 03:14:40 EST

On 12/1/99 4:41 AM, Robert Benschop []

>Since I mentioned the eMate service manual I got some requests of people who
>would like to have it.
>You can download it at (is that NewtonMad ?
>I got the address from the info on the file itself)
>The size is 2.8 MB, it shows you how to take the eMate apart, discusses the
>special diagnosis card in depth (so that part won't do you any good, or
>you'll have to have an overdose of money ;-) and gives some overview of
>general thinks of the eMate.
>I also put together an Getting Started and a full eMate Manual in PDF format
>that will be with the eMates sold by me or NewtonOz, once we both run out of
>eMates I will release to everybody else as well (maybe a possibility of
>putting them on Info-Newt ? 6.6 MB together)

Robert -

Sure, we'll be glad to have them on Info-Newt.

To submit something to Info-Newt, use an FTP client to go to:

and login with ID: newtgifts, password: newtgifts. This will give you
access ONLY to that folder for uploading (I believe DELETE is disabled,
but you should be able to create a folder/directory if necessary.....)

Send me an e-mail at when you have posted 'em and
I'll move 'em over to to and let the world
know about them on Info-Newt (may be a bit slow this week, I'm "on duty"
at work which means I get to watch the nightly processing jobs and make
sure they all run so I'm spending 10-11 hour days there....not much time
for Info-Newt this week.)


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