RE: NTLK NewtScape buggy

From: Michael Neville (
Date: Thu Dec 02 1999 - 20:36:51 EST

Check your heap and I'll bet it's less than 100k. A MP2100 or MP2000U would
fair much better as I have found out after upgrading mine. I was using Luna
Suite for a while but there was just no way with less than 100k heap.


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From: Mark Hobba []

"Gruendel, Frank " <> said:

> NewtScape is not free afaik, but as Steve Weyer is one of the very few
> developers still actively supporting our platform, if you can use it don't
> hesitate to buy it.

Having heard so much about NewtScape in newtontalk, yesterday I went to
Steve's site and downloaded the latest publicly available demo version
2.0r2. It crashed all over the place, I couldn't get a single web page to
work! I'm using NIE 2.0 on a standard MP2000, with nearly 500k free in my
internal store. Does it only work on a 2100 or with a big external memory
card something? I've gone back to NetHopper.

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