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From: Marco Mailand (
Date: Fri Dec 03 1999 - 03:37:06 EST

"James L. Johnson" schrieb:
> Not sure this would work. They both use a compression algorithm:
> MP3 (MPEG layer 3?)
> MiniDisc (ATRAC?)
The ATTRAC format should be converted into the raw 16-bit plain audio
data and then compressed into MP3. The bad thing of the MiniDisc is that
there's no MD-player with a plain data output. Those players with
digital output use a proprietry format which has to be cracked as well
as some communication protocol which is shurely hard to crack. If that
would work one could use the MiniDisc as data storage too but I think it
would be far to slow with its 200kByte/sec. For the other convertion,
from 16-bit audio to MP3, exist chipsets.


Regards / Viele Gruesse

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