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Date: Fri Dec 03 1999 - 15:06:50 EST

At 8:25 AM -0600 12/3/99, Leland Jory wrote:
>My reply is: How come I've tested hundreds (if not thousands) of "dead"
>batteries, ALL of which registered 0V (or thereabouts, I'm smart enough to
>realize that a 3V battery measuring about .5V is as close to dead as makes
>no nevermind). I've never had a "dead" battery measure any significant
>amount of voltage.
>Maybe I'm ignorant of something, but it seems to me that "dead" batteries
>will show as "dead" to a voltmeter when measured out of circuit.


    How are you measuring your batteries? I ask because on my
voltmeter, a "dead" 1.5 volt battery usually measures at around 1.2
volts. New ones are at 1.6 or higher. (By "dead" I mean as far as a
Walkman or GameBoy, they may still power a flashlight).


    - Lou Forlini
      Software Engineer
      System Support Products, Inc.
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