NTLK ANNOUNCE: NewtonTalk List Archive (fwd)

From: victor@gear.torque.net
Date: Fri Dec 03 1999 - 19:13:39 EST

Hey everyone in NewtonTalk,

In case you're not aware, this list used to have an archive back
when it was still administered by Sean O'Shaughnessy (Hi Sean!) Since
NewtonTalk migrated to PlanetNewton, there has been no list archive

Well, I finally got fed up and created an archive of my own.
I did this mostly for myself, but I hope that it comes to be used by
people on NewtonTalk and also by people on comp.sys.newton.* who don't
want to subscribe to the group, but still want to check for new info every
now and then. I also hope that this will help encourage PlanetNewton to
get off their butt and create an official archive. (Hey PlanetNewton:
once there is an official archive, I'll take this down).

Disclamer: My archive has absolutely no affiliation or sponsorship with
PlanetNewton or the NewtonTalk list. It is totally unofficial. I am not
employed or affiliated in any way with PlanetNewton (except for the fact
that I subscribe to NewtonTalk).

That said, here's where the archive can be found:


Currently there is a simple HTML index of messages, starting from
November 23. I hope to add a search function to the pages by the end of
the year.

Please send any comments or suggestions for the archive to me (check my
sig for e-mail addresses)

Who says the Newton is a dead platform?

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