Re: NTLK Customizing Newtons?

From: Michael Hurley (
Date: Fri Dec 03 1999 - 23:22:49 EST

>Does anyone have any thoughts on or experience with custom painting a Newton
>Thoughts: Technical considerations (how do I seal it so paint doesn't get on
>the screen, inside the casing, all over the components, etc.); what are some
>of the potential pitfalls, dangers of same.
>Experience: How did you pull it off? Technique? What kind of paint did you
>use? What brand? Flat? Glossy? What about primer? Sealer? What about
>touch-ups after wear and tear? How did you avoid technical problems listed
>Hypothetically, at this point, I'm interested in the topic. Also, if anyone
>knows of any sites with custom Newt pictures and/or tips, I'd be interested.

This is quite popular in Japan. They do faux wood grain and such
using classical Japanese enamel techniques. It is beautiful stuff!
YOu can see some of it at

As for painting it yourself, I think that the best bet would be to
remove the case before trying to paint it. Anything else would have
incredible potential for permanent damage. I have been trying to
decide if I want to do this to my Newton and PowerPook G3.

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