Re: NTLK Driver for Lucent Wave Lan card

Date: Sat Dec 04 1999 - 03:04:47 EST

> So it looks like we won't be seeing it for a while. If anyone has a list of
> airport-compatible pc cards (lucent's wavelan PC card seems to be compatible,
> but that's just from reading the web page), please send that list to Hiroshi's
> email address.

Pretty much every "wireless ethernet" card complies with the 802.11
standard (just how every normal ethernet card complies with the 802.3
standard). There still may be chipsets other than Lucent's, though.

> If I had more money right now, I'd buy two and sent him one, so badly do I want
> this driver! :)

Me too :) It would be great to have wireless ethernet... I would run NPDS
way more often then :)

BTW - my Newton occasionally runs NPDS (Newton Personal Data Sharing, the
web server) at:

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