NTLK Re: NTLK: difficulty getting NCU updater..

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Date: Sat Dec 04 1999 - 10:00:08 EST

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>Subject: NTLK: difficulty getting NCU updater..
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>Hi all,
>its great to be back in the newton camp!!! However, I've got a problem.
>The NCU disks that I've gotten are the beta ones, and I cant seem to be able
>to download the proper ones from Apples
>I unstuff it with Aladdin Stuffit Expander 5.13, but it sends out an error
>message (-108), telling me that the shrinkwrap engine has an error..
>This is kind of a bummer, seeing as how I've spent the whole night
>downloading all these great programmes.. Does anyone know what to do?
>Anyway, hope to hear from you all soon..


The files you downloaded are .img type and need Apple's disk copy to
open. It is installed by default with the OS so just double clicking on
the file should bring up the correct program. BTW, Stuffit has now reved
to 5.5 and it will open .img files as well.

Mark Ross

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