NTLK Questions on Notes

From: JForsterMD@aol.com
Date: Sat Dec 04 1999 - 17:47:51 EST

My questions:1-In Notes, is there a way to hilight more than a viewed page?
In Works, if I want to eliminate words, I can start the hi-light with the pen
and then scroll down the page, hilighting more as I go. At the end, I can
delete a large segment of words. This system does not work in Notes. Is
there a way of adding this feature to Notes?
2-In desktop Macs, on Word, you can click on one part of a word document,
press the shift key, then click on another part of the document, and hi-light
the intervening segment. Any way to do this on the Newton?
3-I receive most of my NewtonTalk via Aloha, which I feel works like a charm.
In the In/out box, I have thirty odd messages that have info I want to keep.
They are group by the day I downloaded them. Is there a way to group them
together? Is there a mechanism whereby I can move them to the same document
in works? The options are to move them to Notes or to X-port, and the X-port
option doesnot work. Thanks jforstermd
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