Re: NTLK Free ISP in Germany

From: Oliver Fels (
Date: Mon Dec 06 1999 - 06:58:36 EST

> I'm searching a free ISP in Germany or at least a private telephone
> company which offers free internet access if one agrees to
> pre-selection. It should of course work with a Newton too (as soon as I
> get rid of the nasty -48418 error).

AFAIK, there are not many providing free of charge internet access
included with pre-selection.

You might try one of the internet-by-call providers, as there are:

One of those (if not most) should also work with Newtons NIE.

IMHO call-by-call is the method of choice as it gives you the
chance to switch every time without having to sign a contract (and,
if you are using it mobile, only the phone line your Newton is
connected to is charged, which neednīt be yours :-)


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