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From: Bill Davis (
Date: Tue Dec 07 1999 - 00:22:20 EST

On 12/6/99 5:49 AM, T E Hart [] wrote:

>Dear All,
> I'm new to this world of Newton and am having plenty of trouble.

Welcome to the Newton Community. Sorry to hear of your troubles. You've
come to the right place though.

>The Machine is an MP 2000, and I have no idea which OS it is running.

You're running OS 2.1.

>That's the first problem: Where on my MP can I get this info?

Tap Extras icon in Icon bar. Tap [i] button in button bar. Pick
"Memory Info" from the popup menu. The RAM info and ROM Info will be
shown. The ROM Version number is the OS version (will always be 2.1 on a
MessagePad 2000 or 2100). The number in parentheses afterwards is the
system update number you're currently updated to (my 2100 says
"(717260)-1" which is the final update in the US versions of the MP 2x000
so far as I know.

> The second thing is that when I run NCU 1.0 the Newton tells me
>that it is not compatible with this version of the desktop

You're probably trying to use Newton Connection KIT 1.0 not Newton
Connection UTILITIES 1.0. There is a difference.

Or perhaps you have an old beta version of NCU that has expired and needs
updating to the final 1.0.

>bringing us to number 2: Once I have the version of the OS sorted out
>where can I get the necessary updates to the OS, or alternatively, does

Apple's web or FTP site. Go the Support area of the Web site. Go to
Software Updates. Search for "newton" or "messagepad".

>anyone have the URL for a site at which I can get a copy of NCU that is
>compatible. I'm trying to connect it to a G3-233 laptop. I have no trouble
>sending packages using NPI, but I realy need to be able to synch files and
>transfer stuff I've written on the MP to my laptop.

Try Victor Rehorst's Newton Resources site, he might have it in his
NewtonCage section. Search Info-Newt ( for "rehorst"
and you'll find the URL.

I think you may find a copy of it in the /Contributions section of the
Info-Newt web site too: (although it won't
stay there forever; contributions are eventually filed to appropriate
diretories elsewhere in the ftp site.)

> Any help, especially URL's filled with info and instructions,
>would be appreciated.

Besides the above-mentioned Info-Newt (my site) which has Newton news and
info updated several times weekly and a copy of the FAQ for the Newton
Community (which you should know about and check first when you have a
question) there is also Rich Lindsay's excellent This Old Newton: (I think, search Info-Newt for
"Lindsay" if I'm wrong to find the address.)

Another important site is DNUG Newton Versions at

And of course Apple's web site and ftp site ( still
has most of the Newton stuff; software updates, manuals in PDF form,
development tools. You have to hunt a bit, but there's all sorts of
stuff there. If you can't find something, holler here and we'll post it.
 (The one thing (oddly) that you WON'T find there is NCU. I don't know
why not; an oversight, licensing issues with the folks who made the sync
technology for Apple, stupidity.....your guess is a good as mine ;-)

 - Bill Davis

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