Re: NTLK new 2100!

From: Victor Rehorst (
Date: Tue Dec 07 1999 - 11:38:00 EST

On Tue, 7 Dec 1999, Steve Vander Ark wrote:

> Okay, the un believable has happened. I've been using Newtons for years,
> but I just picked up an upgraded 2000 (which makes it the equivalent of a
> 2100, right? there's a little sticker that says 2100 in the connection bay).
> I have moved up from a 100 to a 120, to a 130, to...nirvana!
> This thing is absolutely amazing. And my head is spinning as I try to figure
> out all the ins and outs. I have a million questions, some of which I'm
> answering myself as I try things out. But some I'll post here, if you all
> don't mind. I admit that I've probably bypassed conversations over my years
> on Newtontalk that would have answered these questions, but since there is
> no archive to search (is there?) I'll pester you folks for a bit here.

Welcome to nirvana :) I went through a similar scenario this summer,
going from a 130 to an upgraded 2000.

Oh but yes, there is an archive to search:

Unfortunately, only messages since November 23rd are indexed and
searchable. The old part (going back to March) is not searchable, but if
your browser will download the 19MB text file (!) without crashing, you
can use its built-in find function.

> 1) what's up with this "serial connector" deal? I don't seem to have such a
> thing with the used package I bought. Are there sources for these things?
> I've contacted the fellow I bought this from and hopefully he has it and
> will send it to me, but otherwise I'm kinda stuck...

You need one to connect your Newt to your PC or Mac, or AppleTalk printer.
If the seller doesn't have one, check with NewtonOz (info in the archive!)
or Sun Remarketing (for the record, I *think* NewtonOz is cheaper)

> 2) can I use the AC adaptor I have for my 130 on the 2000?

Yep, all Newton power adapters are compatiable with all models.

> 3) how do I refer to this incredible wonder, since it's not really a 2000
> any it a 2100 or something else?

Usually "upgraded MessagePad 2000" is shortened to UMP2k.

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