Re: NTLK SIMCITY Classic for Newton?

From: thomas (
Date: Tue Dec 07 1999 - 12:04:20 EST

implement are as follows:
1: Better 1 bit graphics for the 130, all other features would be the same.
2: Program will minimize into the star menu
3: Longer game play, 22 years is to short
4: More cash when you start the game.
5: A 'Place' button so you do not have to try to do a double tap.
6: English instructions and tips.

I am going to respond to every one in one letter:

> From: "Darl Singh" <>
> Hiya Thomas: _really_ appreciate the idea of input into this...
> Some of the changes that I would like to see
> My thoughts:
> A 'full screen 2k version - with better graphics (so I can see the difference
> between houses and railroads.... :-)
> All yr other suggestions make perfect sense....partic. points 3 to 6.
> Thanks
> -Darl

I do not own a 2k Newton so I do not know what I can do with this point
(full screen), but my soon-to-be wife does have an e-mate so Ill try.

> It would be great to see a fuller implementation of SIMCITY on the Newt
> (hell if it can be done on a Palm!). However, in the process lets not
> forget that not all of the Newton community are running MP2Ks. In fact, I
> am sure that the majority of us are still using MP130s or even earlier
> models. Even taking that into account, however, I am sure that the
> graphics of Remotetown could be improved and enhanced.
> Stephen Beesley

I will do all I can to make sure that it can run on 2.0 Newtons. I will not
try anything older. I do have access to a 120 with 2.0 on it and I do plan
to do tests on it.

> Will it work on an MP 120 running Newt OS 1.3? I sure am getting tired of
> all the stuff bein' for MP2K/MP2K100. How 'bout us po' folks?
> Bill

No. NOS1.3 in not as cool as NOS2.x. I own a 130 so it will work on
something less then a 2k.

> From: "MYQ Y. Q. LARSON" <>
> and networked play so that we can build adjoining cities against other people
> and launch nuclear wars. :) Just kidding.

How about beaming cities?

> From: ben_d <>
> Perhaps you could make the map a bit bigger and easier to see on a 1x0
> series newton, and add scrollbars on the side of the map?

This would slow the game down. I think I will just try to make the game
bigger on the 2k Newtons first. If I can make the game faster, then I may
make the map bigger on the NOS2.0 Newtons

> From: "Laurent Daudelin" <>
> Wow! We're going to have 3 different versions of the same software! Talk about
> having the choice!

More than that. How does a French version sound. My soon-to-be-
sister-in-law specks French and I am going to try to get her to translate
the game and instructions for me. I will also be allowing download of my
code so others can translate the game to other languages and I will host
them on my web site.

Remote Town 2 will not be tested or designed for the NOS1.3 Newtons, this
means upgraded 120 or better for game play.
Graphics will be improved, even if I have to steel the graphics from the B/W
Mac version of SimCity (I love ResEdit).
A French version.
Secondary priorities will be to increase the screen size and to use beaming
some how.
Development is to start on 12-12-1999.

Thomas Snyder, Programmer: MacOS, Newton, VB, etc...
"Fear is the path to the Dark Side.
Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering." - Yoda,
Jedi master

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