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Date: Tue Dec 07 1999 - 12:37:37 EST

Your eM@il from on 12/7/99 9:09 AM said

>You can certainly use a 130 mains adapter, but it has a lower power output
>than the one sold with the 2000/2100 (0.5A as opposed to 1.2A). This can
>cause problems if the battery is very low - not enough juice to charge the
>battery *and* run then Newton - or if you're using some types of PC card. If
>you have problems, you can get the real thing from NewtonOz
>(818) 781 1009 7 PM to 11:30 PST Sun - Thurs

There's nothin' like the real thing, Baaaby! There's nothin' like the
real thing....

That's something that we should have developed by now... singing eM@ils.

Just wanted to remind the person searching for the adapter that we have
special hours on the next two Fridays:

at both (818) 781 1009 and (818) 781 9391

We're hoping that our new hire, Simon, will like the job enough to keep
the hours so we can do this permanently. So tell him he's a "neato guy"
if you have the chance; oh, and don't tell him I told you to say that.


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