Re: NTLK Email on an OMP

From: Tom Zeilstra (
Date: Tue Dec 07 1999 - 19:10:06 EST

I am using a email program already that seems to work just fine with the
exception of memory but a simple card should fix that. I know web browsing
is out of the question but shouldn't just sending (not recieving) simple
text emails work fine with a modem?
>If I were you, I'd stop trying immediately. The OMP just won't do Email, I
>tried it some time ago and failed miserably. Apart from the mail program
>you'd need software to connect to the internet (something like NIE), and
>all the stuff required simultaneously to do email just won't fit into the
>OMP's heap. Apart from that, I doubt you'd find mail and internet access
>packages that'll work on the OMP's operating system.

>>I have an OMP (yes, the very first edition, no numbers), but with only 200K
>>of internal memory and a 150K email program, it's a tight squeeze. I heard
>>once that the highest the OMP could take was 4MB. If this is so, where can
>>I find one for a good price and if not, how high can I go and how high will
>>those go?

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