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Date: Tue Dec 07 1999 - 23:16:11 EST

On Wed, 8 Dec 1999, Geoff Hall wrote:

> Hi all,
> Just thought I'd let those of you with too much free time, no mac and no friends this Xmas ;) , if you want to have a go at running the mac newt apps, you should try Basilisk II which is a FREE 86040 mac emulator for the PC. It seems to work quite well. There's a nifty My Computer virtual drive on the mac desktop that allows you to access all the PC files. The FPU apparently still has some bugs but it seems to be very stable. Only the serial link is available.
> Unfortunately, the emulation is a little slow (my system PIII500, 128Mb Ram, running MacOS8.1, with 64Mb Ram allocated to Basilisk). Most of the apps seem to run well. I managed to even synch between NCU and Claris Organiser 2 which I haven't even managed to do with my PB190!! (must be the mac equivalent of Slowdown....)

Erm, you mean 68040, right?

And BTW, I believe that Basilisk only emulates a 68020 or 030, not an 040.
(Not that it really matters if you're only running NBU/NCU/Claris

> Basilisk is available here:
> You will need a copy of a Mac rom from a 80640 desktop machine (powerbooks and PowerPC roms don't work). There's a utility with Basilik that will make a copy onto a floppy disk when you insert it into a mac.

Technically speaking, you need a 1MB 32bit-clean ROM image. If you don't
want to bother making the ROM image, there are some places where you can
download the ROM images (note that you must own the physical ROM to
legally download the ROM image)

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