Re: NTLK problems problems and more problems- screen implant

From: Andreas Briell (
Date: Wed Dec 08 1999 - 11:12:17 EST

Hi Stephen,

well I did the same about 3 or 4 times successfully. Be sure you install the
upper cable, which goes to the mainboard and transfers all signals, correctly.
It must go straight in and you must fix it with a ledge. Most of my problems had
been caused by this little thing.

Hope this helps.
Andreas Briell
modasys - mobile data systems
solutions for a mobile world

>Subject: NTLK problems problems and more problems- screen implant
>Date: Mit, 8. Dez 1999 6:33 Uhr

> does anybody know if it is possible to do a successful screen implant from
> one MP130 to another. I have one MP130 with a badly cracked LCD and
> another with a good screen but screwed up internals (backlighting does not
> work and it does a soft reset everytime I try to turn it on!). I have
> taken apart the one with a smashed screen to the point were only two
> soldered wires connect the screen digitiser (I think that is what it is) to
> the mother board. But before I get somebody to play around with the
> soldering (my soldering skills being non-existent) I was wondering if
> anybody has actually done this before.
> Any information gratefully accepted.
> Stephen Beesley
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