Re: NTLK HOW do I get my eMate and iMac to talk to each other over IrDA?

From: Bill Davis (
Date: Thu Dec 09 1999 - 01:33:56 EST

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(It's usually customary to put your question in the message body, not the

The answer is twofold

1. If you're trying to use Newton Connection Utilities over IrDA, the
answer is: You can't.

2. However, it _is_ possible to do other types of data transfer over IrDA
with either Sloup or EETrans. See Steve Weyer's page:

The above two items are mentioned on the FAQ for the Newton Community
available at:

(among other places). Just search for "IrDA" (I added a search engine
for JUST the FAQ section of the Info-Newt site recently!)

Always a good place to start searching for the answers to your Newton
question (this one gets asked a LOT.)

Another cool way to use IrDA to transfer info is using a terminal program
and EETrans; this is a bit different from the Sloup method above and also
has it's uses and may be a bit easier:

I wrote about it on Info-Newt a while back:

(search within the page using your browser's page/file search command to
find "IrDA" or "kieran", or just scroll down until you find it.)

 - Bill Davis

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