NTLK Re: Newton Dates/ Calendar purge / Meeting Maker

From: James Pelton (j-pelton@nwu.edu)
Date: Thu Dec 09 1999 - 10:36:45 EST

> We've just upgraded our Hospital to MM v5.5.3. I've just synched my
> Newton for the first time, and have got many duplicate meetings. this
> happened a few years ago and I can't remember how to purge the Newton
> dates.

if i recall correctly: go to dates. show the todo list. select an item.
try deleting it with the routing button's delete function. it should
give you a message about deleting all todos and meetings before a date
of your choice.

I'm glad to see you're using meeting maker. we use it here at
northwestern university, too. we're using v6 now. i assume you're using
the mac client -- but if you're using the windows client, i'd like to
chat with you about that.

also, regarding MM and deleting dates: i've found that MM will continue
to try to sync dates in the past, which slows sync times down -- if you
use the above described method for deleting older dates, it will speed
up sync time.

sadly, mm doesn't sync todos and contacts, though it should.

james pelton
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