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From: Victor Rehorst (
Date: Thu Dec 09 1999 - 11:57:42 EST

On Thu, 9 Dec 1999, RAND Peter wrote:

> One of the Newton's outstanding features is its built-in ability to read
> NewtonBooks. However, with the official cancellation of the Newton, it has
> become increasingly difficult to find a good selection of up-to-date ebooks
> in Newton format. Palm users, on the other hand, enjoy a growing number of
> freeware ebooks in PalmDOC format, and an increasing number of contemporary
> titles (at about $5 per ebook) are also being offered in PalmDOC format.
> Steve Weyer has now added a plug-in to Newt's Cape that makes it possible to
> download PalmDOCs (in .pdb or .prc format) to the Newton and convert them
> automatically into NewtonBooks. For enthusiastic readers such as myself,
> this is an amazing development - suddenly thousands of new books that were
> "off-limits" to the Newton can now be read as any other NewtonBook!
> Books in PalmDOC format can be found for example at:
> While ebooks in .prc and .pdb format can be downloaded directly to the
> Newton, ebooks in zip format need to be downloaded to a desktop, unzipped,
> and then emailed to a Newton running SimpleMail version 4.0. Newt's Cape can
> then load the .prc or .pdb attachment from the Inbox.


Erm... SimpleMail 4.0? According to Newton Versions and Simon Bell's
Page, the latest version is 3.3... is there something in the works that
only people "in the know" are aware of" I know that Simon was talking on
c.s.n.(misc|programmer) about adding IMAP4 support.

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