NTLK Catch Up-Slow Reader

From: Erwin F. Toch (birddog@netcom.com)
Date: Thu Dec 09 1999 - 19:01:11 EST

Hey everyone! I just got finished reading about two weeks worth of digests
and would like to add a few points:

1. The MiniDisc data format has found new life in multitrack audio recorders
for home studios, replacing analog cassettes and competing with HDD-based
systems. Those interested in the MiniDisc technologies should check out
http://www.minidisc.org : a site by and for die-hards of an awesome but
beleaguered technology (sound familiar?).

2. There used to be a web page that was the best reference I had found on
applications for Newt, with a pleasant interface (including a
Newton-friendly version), searchable, and with links to respective vendors.
It was called _Newton Reference_, and though it hasn't been updated in two
years (*sigh*), it's still an excellent resource for those "I don't remember
what it was called, but I know what it did" or "Who made this and where can
I get it" or "I have this package, what does it do?" sort of questions. URL
http://www.panix.com/~clay/newton/ Newton-friendly version at
http://www.panix.com/~clay/newton/text.cgi .

3. MP3s are cool, but MODs are cooler and smaller! Roger Milne gets my award
for the best multimedia-in-the-hand category (since Lee Moon moved on,
anyway). Check out http://roger.trideja.com/newton/modplayer.html ,
especially if you used to own an Amiga!

Hey Steve Weyer and/or Rich Lindsay! WHAT TON contest to win NewtsCape?

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