NTLK "Dongle Destroyer" Prototype Facts

From: DrNewton (DrNewton@kc.net)
Date: Fri Dec 10 1999 - 08:38:46 EST

Gary Moody wrote :

> Was the "Dongle Destroyer" ever produced?

Marco Mailand responded :

>His idea was a DD w/o need of soldering but it would have required also
>a software hack. If you solder those 8 or 9 wires by yourself you will
>never ever have a need of the f&/%/*& dongle.


I built a fully functioning prototype that plugged into the Internal Serial
slot of my trusty MP2100.

It requires no software at all. It does require hardware ( it's own circuit
board ).

I engineered this myself.

I only built one as the cost and difficulty of the custom plastic needed was

I use mine everyday. Works great !

Because the MP2x00 InterConnect Port is such a bad design ( fragile ), I may
reconsider making the "Dongle Destroyer" later but it is not a high priority
on my list as other repairs and upgrades are much more in demand.

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David Watson
Kansas City
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