NTLK MP2100 switch on blues

From: Chris Ruprecht (chrup@earthlink.net)
Date: Sat Dec 11 1999 - 00:45:34 EST

Hi everybody,

I needed a phone number earlier, so I yanked our my dear Newton and
switched it on ... I said switched it on ... I mean, I pushed the
little switch down so it comes on ... but, oh dear now what ... it's
not happening, it's not coming on .... No, it's not the batteries,
they are charged.

So I got the number elsewhere, what do we have a Mac for, and did the
my phone call and now I'm back with the Newton trying to convince it
that I'm it's master and it should obey my wishes to get switched on.
But no such luck, it point blank refuses.

* I have tried to press the reset switch in the back and leave it
pressed for 30 seconds
* No, I did not install any new software recently
* I have plugged it into the power adaptor
* I have tried a brand new set of batteries besides the rechargeable ones

A little experimenting reveals: pressing the reset button and the on
switch brings up the "Do you want to erase data completely" window
(ok, scratch the last word, make it "dialog box" :). Answering "No"
here brings me back to the "no switch on" stage.

I have removed the Ethernet as well as the memory card ... but I
don't want to do the reset as my last backup is about 2 weeks old. -
I know, I know, slap me in the face a few times.

Anything else I could try?

Best regards,

Chris Ruprecht * chrup@earthlink.net
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