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From: James L. Johnson (
Date: Sun Dec 12 1999 - 15:07:05 EST

>When I attempt to sync I am told that the
>> file is not accessible. I have also tried Palm Organizer 2.1 and the Now
>> 3.5 suite and get the same message. Any ideas?

Here is a repost of a message about syncing with Palm Desktop and NCU I posted recently. I had the same problem. This fixed it:


I'm happy to report success using NCU to sync my UMP2K to Palm Desktop 2.5 (on a Mac).

This is a wonderful thing; it's not a perfect sync, but does handle events, repeating events, names & to dos in addition to contact information. The way the information is represented is slightly different, but the important thing is the vast majority of your most basic data *is* portable.

A couple of caveats/hints:

First things first; do a full backup before you start. (You'll sleep better tonight...)

After several furtive attempts, advice on the NTLK list from Lorin Rivers <> proved to be key:

> In the IntelliLink folder inside NCU is a file called Claris Organizer
> 2.0. Copy that file and rename it to something that pleases you. I
> called mine Lorin's Newton. Synch to that file and all should be well.
> You can then open it in Palm desktop...

No need to change creator codes. It just works.

Events & repeating events are transferred as 'daily banners'. One wierdness is that annual events transfer as two events: a daily event and a repeating event.

Event notes do *not* transfer.

Meeting notes do *not* transfer.

Phone numbers in Names without a specific label (Home, Fax, etc.) do *not* transfer.

Notes in Names transfer just fine.

Be sure to give your applications enough RAM to work with. At least as much as the total amount of RAM (internal + all installed cards) on your Newton.

I haven't tried to sync Notes. I don't doubt that it would work, but suspect that your folders wouldn't transfer, as the catagories in PD are more structured.

IMHO, Palm Desktop does a nearly complete job of syncing your data, and best of all, it's free.



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