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Kenny Song wrote:

> In the first place, is there a read me or help file for Remotetown? I have
> not played SimCity so I'm kinda lost. The package I got from DNUG has no
> instructions on how to play the game?
> Appreciate some tips or pointers. TIA.
> Kenny Song
> Penang, Malaysia
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> > On Mon, 13 Dec 1999, Clinton Slaughter wrote:
> >
> >> Hello all,
> >>
> >> I've managed to build to a population of 44,800 with a remaining budget of
> >> $1935. Any Takers?
> >
> > I haven't been playing RemoteTown (although I might pick it up next week,
> > if anyone who looked at my schedule on NPDS you probably know why :), but
> > I was thinking of setting up a high scores page where people could post
> > their latest RemoteTown achievements. Good/bad idea? Maybe the
> > competition would get lots of people hooked on the game and help spur
> > development...

You first start a game by tapping "New". Then, if you want the game to
automatically advance to the next month, you tap the little button to the right
of "New". The icon will change for a small square, representing "Stop". The next
button to this one is to move one month forward manually.

To build something, tap once on a tile on the map. It will show you what is
already on this tile. If you tap again on the same tile, whatever is on it will
be replaced by what is selected in your "Construction Menu", proven you have
enough fund.

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