NTLK eNotes email client

From: jon glass (jonglass@usa.net)
Date: Wed Dec 15 1999 - 02:09:57 EST

I found this package some months ago, but forgot to mention it here.
Has anybody heard of it, or ever used it. It claims to be a POP email
client for Newton that works on 1.x as well as 2.x Newtons. It says it
doesn't need NIE. Does it use Telnet or such sort? If anybody is
interested in it, please email me, and I'll send it to you. The email
address is discontinued, also, unfortunately, I no longer remember
where I found it. Here's some info from its readme:


Instant Information announces the availability of eNotes (1.5 beta 0) for Newton.

At last, a fully-featured internet email reader for the Newton that embraces the Newton's ease of use and realises Newton technology as a communication device.


Send and receive email with a Newton and a wire-line modem with your internet service provider. The unit also works with GSM mobile phones with the appropriate datacard giving true wireless email capabilities. Some of our early testers have implemented SMTP gateways to popular LAN based email systems such as cc:mail, Microsoft Mail and Quickmail so proprietary email systems can be simply accessed via a Newton device.


The features of eNotes are: + Simple login scripting for connecting to your internet service provider + Clear and easy to use interface + Does not require new 2.0 operating system + Smart text wrapping to overcome Newton¹s less then 80 characters per line + Full filing of email messages (sent and received) + Full threading of email items with the same subject matter + Works at up to 57,600 bps with MNP error correction

In short - it's the fullest functionality email reader for handheld computers.

PRICE eNotes is SHAREWARE so if you use it, please send US$35 to:

eNotes PO Box 1051 Carlton VIC 3053 AUSTRALIA

or fax/email your VISA or Mastercard details to: +61 3 9349 2815/eNotes@pobox.com Please supply the CARD NUMBER, NAME on the card and the EXPIRY DATE.

-Jon Glass Krakow, Poland <mailto:jonglass@usa.net> <mailto:glasshaus5@aol.com>

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