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Date: Wed Dec 15 1999 - 02:50:16 EST

On 12/13/99 11:38 PM, Liebman, Ariel
[] wrote:

>Hi There,
>Does anyone know if there is any way to connect to the interenet with the
>Newton using your PC as a gateway?
>Please reply to my email as well if you can.
>Thanks in Advance,
>Dr. Ariel Liebman

Sure, there's software available that lets a Mac or PC server as a "black
box" to share a single Internet connection among multiple computers.
Terminology to know: NAT (Network Address Translation) or DHCP. DHCP is
used if you have multiple IP addresses, but you don't want to have to
hard-code an IP address on each of your machines or perhaps if you don't
have enough to share. NAT is _definitely_ for use when you don't have
enough IP addresses to go around...specifically, for when you only have
ONE address for multiple machines.

You should be able to use either method with Newtons that support TCP/IP,
I think, although it may require a 2000/2100/eMate since I can't recall
if Newton Internet Enabler supported anything but dialup IP on models
before those three.

If you're using a Mac, visit the Vicom web site ( I
think, or maybe just They have several products for
doing this sort of thing.

If you're using a PC, I can't help you with a specific package there.
I'm sure someone else on the list will chime in.

If you're using Linux or Unix (on Mac or PC) you may already have such
software (may depend on your vendor and what you installed, though.)

I believe the ADSL Router hardware used for my Internet connection has
all that stuff built into it, too, so depending on your connection
hardware you may even already have this and just need to learn how to
turn it on and use it.

 - Bill

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