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Date: Wed Dec 15 1999 - 06:15:05 EST

Your eM@il from on 12/14/99 11:44 PM said this:

>The OMP's came with a battery cage to let you use 4 standard AAA's. Did
>you get that. If not, I think NewtonOZ has them.
>You can probably use rechargeables, too, although you may not want to
>risk charging them in the unit itself in case they leak or something
>(although I think it can be done; there's a switch that needs to be
>pushed down to tell it you've got rechargeables in instead of alkalines;
>people usually use a stiff thin piece of cardboard to do it.
>It'd recommend an external charger though.
>OMP's eat batteries for breakfast (they used AAA's rather than the AA's
>that all models since have used.) so keep a spare set ON YOUR PERSON at
>all will need it.
> - Bill

I remember when I used to use a 100 regularly. It's true. If you are
using your Newt for serious work, you MUST keep a spare set of batteries,
or a spare rechargable in your pocket or Newt case.

I have lots of customers that have several battery cages with rechargable
batteries (NI-CAD) in them. They just charge the NI-Cads inside the Newt
when it's plugged in.

Since you have rechargable battery, you should keep that with it as well,
but be sure to discharge it all the way to prevent memory effects on the
battery. If you don't, within 200 cycles, you'll experience some problems
keeping the battery juiced to capacity.

The 100/OMP batteries are not generally available for outright purchase,
but I can say that NewtonOz will happily take your old battery for a
credit or exchange for a fresh OMP/100 rechargable.


Even if you don't exchange/recycle it with us, PLEASE RECYCLE your
rechargeable batteries with SOMEONE; please help us preserve the
environment by doing your part to keep hazardous chemicals from entering
the waste stream, and eventually our ground water. Take them to Radio
Shack, or call 1 (800) RECYCLE from anywhere in the U.S. to find out who
takes them.

NewtonOz offers a merchandise credit for all dead Newton rechargeable
batteries that you trade in, as an incentive to exchange/recycle your

Happy Holidays, and have a Newton New Year!

-The Folks at NewtonOz Items

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