Re: NTLK OMP Battey

From: Leland Jory (
Date: Wed Dec 15 1999 - 09:15:49 EST

> I have just recently acquired an original message pad, but the battery
> not hold a charge. It is some weird block with 3-4 batters in side of it.

Those are simply NiCD AAA batteries in a special holder. Your best bet is to
pick up a set of (at least) 4 (preferably 8) AAA rechargeable batteries with
a charger and just switch between the two sets (install one set while you
charge the other). You'll need a battery cage though (not sure where you'd
get one, did your OMP come with an extra battery cage? If not you might have
to try NewtonOZ or something).

> Is this something I can by somewhere else? Does the OMP charge batteries
> do I need a separate charger?

As I said, the OMP will charge NiCD batteries (I think, please correct me if
I'm wrong) in a special battery cage (that presses a little button inside
the battery compartment) when the OMP is plugged into AC. The OMP will NOT
charge regular alkaline batteries (don't even try or you might wreck your
Newt, to say the least).


Leland Jory

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