Re: NTLK Megahertz 56K

Date: Wed Dec 15 1999 - 10:46:41 EST


  I'd be intrested to know and occurres to me that battery life might be
improved if you were to modify a duplicate modem script to connect at 28.8
and choose the script to connect at the a lower speed depending on battery
charge or for downloading e-mail and higher speeds for web surfing or when
the power supply is available and convenient.



PS. Please post your results if you decide to try it.

In a message dated 12/15/99 7:43:00 AM, writes:

<< I finally ended my Modem search. It's 3Com's 56K Megahertz Global GSM and
Cellular Modem X-Jack PC Card Model 3CXM756.

I use the Megahertz PC 56K driver or the USR Sportster driver. Works like a
charm and this is really fast on the MP 2100. Now, I'll have to gauge how
fast it runs down my NiMH battery.

This X-jack is nifty, and it is LED lighted when it's online. Neat... but my

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