Re: NTLK Error 77 (was: Re: Uh oh.)

From: Paul Guyot (
Date: Wed Dec 15 1999 - 06:25:32 EST

Larry Cafiero <> wrote:

>and forgive me if
>I've left other important people out
Peter, Joost (aka Alien), Sean, etc.... Cf the change history in the FAQ

>But I'm sorry you feel that
>answering questions is such a burden, Paul.
It's not. And the FAQ project is by no means a way to diminish our
contribution to the Newton Community (actually, in my case, it increases it
a little bit).

>That way, those
>of us who ask one question every two years can go to the FAQ and leave
>the list free for important things, like the Sim City Game Challenge. =)
Hey, don't take it badly, pal. Moreover, your question was not so usual, I
admit it, and I didn't thought it was. The FAQ includes a lot of unusual
questions, especially in the technical field (cf the numbering of ROM
updates: who wonders?) They are there for curious people.
And besides, I find the answer I gave you more developed than the one I put
in the FAQ.
In fact, the little paragraph about the FAQ was just here to (a) tell you
where the FAQ wan be found & what was its origin, since it is not the first
FAQ for NewtonOS, (b) explain why it is not on P&M Consulting's site, but
on other sites.

That's all.

And once again, please don't take it badly, for I didn't meant to be eager
or anything.



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