From: Doug Fuss (
Date: Thu Dec 16 1999 - 10:12:10 EST

>>> Does anyone know where I could purchase ACT! for Newton. I have the MP-100
>>> and have access to a Mac computer running system 7.5.1 (i think).

I used ACT! for Newton on my old MP130 (I now have an UMP2000) and it was
horribly slow. I especially don't recommend it on an MP100.

Also, keep in mind that it uses its own soup to store names, dates, etc.
instead of the Newton's soups and therefore doesn't integrate well with
other packages.

I recommend MoreInfo or TimeTrax (I use both and doubt whether there's a
TimeTrax version for NOS 1.3 that runs on your MP100). Of course, there's
no good way to sync these with ACT! and that's the problem.

After getting my MP2000 I gave up on ACT! entirely and occasionally sync or
import with Claris Organizer (now Palm Desktop). I keep most of my client
info on my Newt and don't bother to keep my desktop computer completely
synced with it. I only keep CO/PD going on the desktop for mail merging
letters, mailings and other projects requiring the desktop's superior print
quality, etc.

Good luck!


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