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Date: Thu Dec 16 1999 - 11:05:42 EST wrote:

> OK, I installed a pkg that apparently wasn't meant for my 130. (ButtonBar) And now I can't get the poor Newton to even startup all the way... Perhaps the two things are not related, but I don't know. I tried to delete the extension for ButtonBar and got an error, so I decided to reset, and that's where it stands.
> When it tries to restart, I get the "Activating packages on the store 'Internal'" window. Avi's Backdrop loads, then it halts in the process of loading Backlight Plus.

I guess you would need to start your MP130 *without* activating packages. This way, you could delete whatever isn't working properly.

Oh yes, I almost forgot ;-) to start your MP without activating packages, reset your MP, then quickly tap with the pen of the left hand side of the screen, about in the middle of the screen. You should get a slip asking you if you want to activate packages on the internal store. Say No. If you have an external flash
ram card, after tapping "No", quickly tap again on the screen. You should get a second slip asking for activation of the packages on that card. Say No.

Then, delete whatever you installed that is giving you trouble and reset again. That should work.

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