Re: NTLK PCS or CDMA Data Using Qualcomm Phone as Modem

From: andyh (
Date: Thu Dec 16 1999 - 21:42:23 EST

on 12/16/99 11:06 AM, Doug Fuss wrote:

> Has anyone managed to use their data compatible PCS or CDMA Qualcomm phone
> as a modem to connect to their service provider? If so, what modem driver or
> intitialization string (for Modem Modifier) are you using?
> I've managed to get mine to dial out and look like it's connecting, but the
> PPP connection never goes through. I can connect to Qualcomm's BBS using
> PT100, as well. I feel like I'm soooo close.

I use the Data on the go card with my Newt 2k and I got the driver from
their BBS. HTH!



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