Re: NTLK Megahertz 56K

From: Kenny Song (
Date: Thu Dec 16 1999 - 23:39:35 EST

Yes, I'd like to try that because this modem don't work with the Megahertz
Cruisecard 28.8 setting or the 28.8 and faster setting. Anyone know how? I
think there a package out there that does this but I don't have it.

Initial test showed that it's not eating up my battery very much faster than
my 33.6 Megahertz modem. But it seems to download long emails slower
(60-100k) while it is super fast for Newtscape and Hemlock. I wonder if it
has anything to do with SimpleMail 4.0 being the culprit. Anyway, 4.0 is in
beta and I'm reporting to Simon Bell everthing I find.

Kenny Song
Penang, Malaysia

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> Kenny,
> I'd be intrested to know and occurres to me that battery life might be
> improved if you were to modify a duplicate modem script to connect at 28.8
> and choose the script to connect at the a lower speed depending on battery
> charge or for downloading e-mail and higher speeds for web surfing or when
> the power supply is available and convenient.
> Whatdayathink?
> RobertRuff
> PS. Please post your results if you decide to try it.

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