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Date: Fri Dec 17 1999 - 02:10:15 EST

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>Forgive me if this is too basic...
>Can someone detail for me all the options for recharging my rechargeable
>batteries for my Newton?
>Can I leave them in the Newton and use the power adapter? Or will that
>just give me power without recharging?

If you mean the APPLE rechargeables, yes you can change 'em in your
Newton. Just plug in the power adapter.

External chargers are also available for some (but not all) Newton models:

The OMP and MP100 had an external charger that plugged into the wall
(looked like a big power brick)

The MP110-130 had a charging stand that also held the Newton and charged
it (or the battery inside it) while also charging a spare batter in a
slot underneat the Newton in these stand.

There is no external charger for the MP 2000, 2100 or (so far as I know)
the eMate 300. You have to charge the rechargeables in the Newton.
It's fairly fast though (slower if you use a Power Adapter from the 1xx
units instead of the one Apple released for the 2xxx units).

If you are using 3rd party rechargeables, that's a whole 'nother issue.
I'd recommend an external charger, personally, but I'm sure others can
tell you how to go about it (it wouldn't hurt if you told us which Newton
model you have, though. Always a good idea when asking questions.)

 - Bill

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