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From: Bill Davis (
Date: Fri Dec 17 1999 - 02:10:44 EST

On 12/16/99 2:56 AM, Ian Murphy [] wrote:

>Hi All,
>I have been following the discussion about the dreaded dongle. Here is some
>some good news.
>I just got the new issue of Pen computing. There is an announcement that a
>company has made a patch cord that includes the dongle and has a serial plug
>on the other end.
>The contact in the article is :
>Ein Computing- $29.95 US- email:

Old news here, but thanks for posting it. So was the thing above it on
the same page about memory cards for Newton. I sure wish Ein/EnFour
would have made that cable bring out the AUDIO or other data whil they
were at it.... sigh.

I do appreciate Pen Computing mentioning those things. And I loe that
they still mention the Newton constantly as the standard to which others
STILL strive to be like....even if they have dropped the Newton column
(not for lack of news to publish, from what I can see....) even though
they still talk about Magic Cap....even though no one cares about it and
never really has. I always get a chuckle out of how often the Newton
comes up. I think their editor/publisher manages to work a mention into
his monthly column every month (I've been watching for it.)

Great magazine, though. Nice web site too; their daily news page is
maintained by the guy who used to do NewtNews and he still throws in the
occasionaly Newton tidbit (

 - Bill

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