Re: NTLK How - to connect MP2000 to imac

From: marc (
Date: Fri Dec 17 1999 - 15:48:29 EST

thanks for the tip but that doesn't work,
do you actually manage to connect your newt to any usb mac?
any suggestion wellcome

Subject: Re: NTLK How - to connect MP2000 to imac
Sent: 12/12/19 2:43 pm
Received: 16/12/99 9:04 pm
From: Winston MacKelvie,

Set Newton's Dock to 'Connect via Serial' and NCU prefs to 'Printer Port

Subject: NTLK How - to connect MP2000 to imac
Sent: 16/12/99 9:33 am
Received: 16/12/99 9:04 pm
From: marc,
To: NewtonTalk,

Hallo Newton users,

I am having trouble connecting my MP2000 (still lovin' it) with an imac
running OS8.6 via a keyspan adaptor as described below

the keyspan helpdesk isn't quite forthcoming with advice

any suggestions?




Message sent to Keysapn support:

following your advice, I have replaced my keyspan adaptor with the latest
version (it comes with keyspan USA28x manager version 1.1.1

I still cannot manage to connect with my newton, although:
-the serial test under keyspan USA28X serial assistant is successful
-the test button under keyspan USA28X manager returns the following
message: PBControllmmed returned -17, what does that mean?

I wanted to send you a copy of the driver events when attempting to
connect but I can't figure out how to copy this file

Should I use anything else than the standard settings for port 2?

Is there a known incompatibility for the adapter connected to imac revc
running with os 8.6?

Grateful for any suggestions

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