Re: NTLK Encoded Hog

From: Michael Friedman (
Date: Sat Dec 18 1999 - 17:36:29 EST

It's not someone spoofing the list... it's a new virus.

Check your favorite virus site for details, but it is yet another virus
that reads your mail in Outlook and replies to it with it's trojan horse
program. The one that is currently going around replies to the last 5 or
6 messages you've received.

So someone on Newtontalk is infected and their computer replied to one
of your posts.

Windows Outlook users: you probably want to run a virus check about now. :)

Happy I use a Mac,
-- Mike Friedman <>

markr13 wrote:
> I just received an enclosed file from a spoofed mail address. It had the
> subject line of "NTLK Re: NTLK: difficulty getting NCU updater.." and the
> enclosed file is called "encoded hog.exe". I have a Mac, so I can't run
> it and it seems as if it could be a Trojan Horse. I find this very
> disturbing as someone is obviously spoofing our mail headers and using
> this list to spread spam at the least and viruses at the worst. Has
> anyone else gotten this? Thanks for the input.
> Mark Ross
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