Re: NTLK Modem Modifier

From: Kenny Song (
Date: Sun Dec 19 1999 - 11:00:07 EST

I used to use it a while ago, when I had to write a modem definition for
my Boca 56K modem (I've since downgraded to the venerable Megahertz
XJ3288). It lets you change every aspect of the modem definition, and the
very newest version (I believe 2.04??) will let you change the serial
speed (the speed at which the Newton talks to the modem) tup to 230400bps,
which would probably help out people who have been having thruput problems
with 56K modems.
Why did you "downgrade" to the XJ 3288? Is it the XJ3288 or XJA3288?

Kenny Song
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