Re: NTLK Having trouble connecting with

From: Donald E. Stowe (
Date: Sun Dec 19 1999 - 20:00:31 EST

I finally was able to connect to with the help of fellow list
member Howard Moftich.

In my internet set up I used my user name as "destowe". I then set my
password. I then filled in the name server ip address (
and the domain: I then filled out a login script:

Send ¶ (that EOL carriage return thingy)
Wait for login: (I omitted the first letter in 'login')
Send (my signup name)
Send ¶ (that EOL carriage return thingy)
Wait for password: (I omitted the first letter in 'password')
Send Password
Send ¶ (that EOL carriage return thingy)

In my Eudora settings, the account info is as follows:

Email Address

POP3 Username destowe

POP3 Host


At 1:33 AM -0400 12/19/99, Donald E. Stowe wrote:
>I have been trying to connect with using Eudora. The Newton
>130 is able to go thru the login script but then it hangs on "establishing
>network connection". After a few moments I get a dialog box that says:
>Problem connecting . Can't establish a link. Negotiations failed."
>My login script is:
>Send ¶
>Wait for login:
>Wait for Password:
>Send Password
>Send ¶
>I was able to figure out the login script by dialing in on my Mac Com
>Center Terminal Window.
>Can anyone help me?

Donald E. Stowe (Don)
Retired HS. Chemistry Teacher
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